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Based in central Iowa, Erosiontek is able to economically deliver erosion solutions anywhere in the United States.

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Who we are.

Erosiontek, LLC is a premier manufacturer and distributor of quality erosion and sediment control products. Based in central Iowa, Erosiontek is able to economically ship or deliver anywhere in the United States. We set ourselves apart from the rest with superior value, volume capacity, excellent service, innovation and affordability!

Green Product
Green Product

The socks are filled with 100% recycled material. This filler is inert, free of seed, low in moisture content and incredibly environmentally friendly.

Better Site Access
Better Site Access

The sock is an effective erosion control device with a lower profile making your project easier to access and more aesthetically pleasing.

Easy Install
Easy Install

Filled socks may be used as an alternative to silt fence in many areas and installed without the need for expensive equipment.


Many contractors are getting multiple uses out of the product. Smaller diameters can be moved from one job site to another if treated properly.

Low Maintenanc
Low Maintenance

Erosiontek Socks allow water to flow through at a controlled rate while trapping sediment.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

Erosiontek Socks are a filter fabric sock typically filled with wood chips or compost, installed for far less than many other erosion control measures.

Who We Serve
  • Grading & Excavating keyboard_arrow_right
    Sock is installed during the first sequence of the erosion control plans. Often additional pallets of sock are left on-site to address any issues that may arise to the excavation and construction phases of the project.
  • Homebuilding & Construction keyboard_arrow_right
    The homebuilder industry has shown an increasing interest in compost filter sock. Sock is used to wrap lots to protect roads, storm water systems and retention ponds. It is also used around concrete washouts, construction trailers, driveways and storm water inlets. During the building process sock stays in place longer than other erosion control methods and can be moved between lots. It is not damaged as easily from wind, snow removal and general building practices.
  • Wind, Oil, & Gas keyboard_arrow_right
    Sock is used around well pad sites, access roads, check dams for drainage swales and stock yards. Filter sock is installed around the perimeters of the well pads to remove storm water pollutants. Sock is installed after land clearing is done and before dirt has been moved.
  • Pipelines keyboard_arrow_right
    Installed sock is used as a perimeter control along access roads, right-of-ways, stream crossings, slope interruptions, check dams and pipe yards as protection for the environment. This includes sensitive wildlife habitats, wetlands, water bodies, and ecosystems. Typically, sock is installed after the right of way clearing is completed and before any dirt is moved. Palletized sock installation is proven to be the most efficient and quickest way to keep the pipeline project moving forward.
  • Whatever the need, whether sock fabric for on-site filling, filled sock delivered to the company shop or job site, or equipment to fill sock, Erosiontek is able to fill any need in the erosion and sediment control industry.
  • Many building and construction supply companies, lumberyards, agricultural cooperatives and construction equipment rental firms find it advantageous to have ample supplies of Erosiontek Filled Sock on hand for sale to their customers.