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Socks are an essential part to any stabilization, reinforcement, or restoration project.
Silt Socks and Silt Fences

Erosiontek socks are an essential part to any stabilization, reinforcement, or restoration project. Perfect for banks, slopes, hillsides, or channels, these products reinforce surrounding areas to prevent erosion and allow vegetation to take root.

Keeping compliant with storm water regulations is the last problem you want to deal with on a busy job site. We give you less to worry about by helping to prevent waterway pollution with our top-quality filter sock. We provide only the best products, and our buying process is simple and easy for our customers.

Erosiontek Applications

In nature, rainfall is detained and infiltrated into the ground where it can be naturally filtered. Erosiontek Filled Sock mimics nature by replicating this filtration on the surface. Erosiontek Filled Socks use composted or recycled mulch inside a mesh containment system to remove sediment and pollutants through filtration and deposition. Erosiontek Filled Socks can also be used to slow runoff flow velocities on sloped surfaces, thereby reducing the transport of sediment and soluble pollutants.

Filled Filter Sock

Erosiontek filled filter sock is a mesh tube filled with natural shredded and chipped wood products, used to prevent jobsite erosion. The sock is typically laid on level ground around the perimeter of a jobsite, which stops sediment and other pollutants from leaving the site and polluting waterways, leaving a very small environmental footprint. It stops pollutants in two ways: by allowing water to temporarily pond outside the sock and by cleansing the water as it passes through the sock. The sediment either settles or is removed before the water leaves the sock.

The sock is often laid on top of the ground along down-slope areas and side-slope areas as required. The sock is either lapped or butted at the ends to create a continuous line of defense. Staking the sock is usually not required. The first water to contact the sock is absorbed, "staking" the sock in place by its weight alone. In greater sloped areas the sock may be secured in place by stakes or other supports.

Palletized sock is approved and well-embraced throughout erosion control industry. More than six million linear feet of compost filter sock has been produced by Erosiontek to date.

Our sock pallets are uniformly and tightly packed for quick and easy transportation and installation. We offer two palletized products: continuous and pre-cut.

“Erosiontek filter socks can provide erosion and sediment control for large residential developments or the individual home. With Erosiontek products you can fix an eroding shoreline or stabilize a slope on the Interstate.”
Silt Sock
Silt Sock for protection

Erosiontek filter sock advantages are almost too many to list!

  • Approved equal to silt fence by SUDAS & Urban Standard Specification
  • Endorsed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources
  • Filters sediment out of Storm Water
  • Filter Sock biodegrades eliminating removal costs
  • No steel posts. Safe around people and equipment
  • Excellent for Storm Water intake protection
  • Filter Socks can be vegetated to create a living berm
  • 50% more design capacity and flow through than silt fence
  • NO Trenching, NO Major Excavation, NO Soil Disturbance required
  • Easy removal and minimal disposal costs
  • 8x less maintenance than silt fence (USEPA)
  • Exceeds federal standards
  • Available on pallets or blown in on site
  • Lower lifetime cost compared to rock check dams or silt fence
  • Available in 8-, 12-, 18-, 24-, and 30-inch diameters
  • Can be vegetated for permanent applications
  • Easy to maintain, replace, repair and dispose
  • Reduced ecological footprint: Recycled filler, renewable, biobased, locally sourced and manufactured
  • Better trapping of sediment and soluble pollutants
  • Easy removal of accumulated solids
  • Greater and more intimate surface area contact
  • Easily increase design height by stacking
  • Customizable size and shape
  • Can be used on slopes up to 1:1 grade
  • Can be installed on frozen ground
  • More intimate surface contact
  • Installs on top of rolled erosion control products
  • Available on pallets
  • Heavy duty Erosiontek Filled Sock available for high traffic areas
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