About Us

Erosiontek, LLC is a premier manufacturer and distributor of quality erosion and sediment control products.

Who We Are

Erosiontek, LLC is a premier manufacturer and distributor of quality erosion and sediment control products. Based in central Iowa, Erosiontek is able to economically ship or deliver anywhere in the United States. We set ourselves apart from the rest with superior value, volume capacity, excellent service, innovation and affordability!

Erosiontek supplies palletized filled filter sock to prevent job site erosion and sediment loss. We also are a major distributor of sock fabric to the erosion control industry. Through our innovative products, top-quality service and extensive job site support, we provide proven value to our customers.

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We ensure our customers have the best experience possible by providing our filter sock at a competitive price with on-time delivery. Our strength is integrating customer feedback with ideas and actions to ensure our customers' success.

We provide only the best filter sock, which complies with all DNR, DOT and EPA regulations. We know every project is different and we pride ourselves on meeting specifications for everyone: developers, pipeline companies, clearing companies, contractors, municipalities, homeowners, erosion control supply stores and more!

About Sock
We know sock!
  1. Green Product: The socks are filled with 100% recycled material. This filler is inert, free of seed, low in moisture content and incredibly environmentally friendly.
  2. Better Site Access: The sock is an effective erosion control device with a lower profile making your project easier to access and more aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Easy Install: Filled socks may be used as an alternative to silt fence in many areas and installed without the need for expensive equipment.
  4. Reusable: Many contractors are getting multiple uses out of the product. Smaller diameters can be moved from one job site to another if treated properly.
  5. Low Maintenance: Erosiontek Socks allow water to flow through at a controlled rate while trapping sediment.
  6. Cost Effective: Erosiontek Socks are a filter fabric sock typically filled with wood chips or compost, installed for far less than many other erosion control measures.

Summing it all up

With over 6 million feet of filled Erosiontek sock installed, you can count on our socks to withstand the elements and be effective on critical drainage areas and to filter storm-water runoff. When needing a Best Management Practice (BMP) product for a SWPPP program, filled filter sock will help get the job done faster, more economically, and with more flexibility at the job site than any other erosion control product on the market.

Our capacity for manufacturing allows us to rapidly fulfill orders of all sizes! We look forward to serving you and helping you and your clients maintain compliance on their job sites!

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